Michael Mithika

Michael Mithika | CEO and Principal Consultant of J.M. Mantle & Co. Limited

Michael Mithika is the CEO and Principal Consultant of J.M. Mantle & Co. Limited, a management consulting and financial advisory firm that he co-founded in 1997.  The firm works with providers and users of capital to help them succeed and solve their most important challenges around growth, profitability and impact.  For the past 19 years Michael has worked and led numerous engagements with financial service providers, donors and development partners keen on serving low-income mass-markets in Africa, and supporting access to finance and financial deepening initiatives in eight African markets.  He is the Executive Director of FrontFin Training, a specialist finance training company, and is the Founder and Course Director of the School of African Microfinance, which has trained more than 1,400 senior professionals from 40 countries since 2005.

Prior to founding JM Mantle, Mr. Mithika was an Associate with Loita Capital Partners, in Nairobi and Johannesburg where he worked on structured finance and corporate finance transactions in several African markets.

Michael is a non-executive director of VisionFund International, a $600mn microfinance fund with investments in 30 countries.

He graduated magna cum laude with a BSc. Business - Finance and Accounting from the United States International University – Africa.

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