Michael Michuki(Vermon Seidel)

Lead Developer

I joined Green dreams Tech in 2013 to help rocket boost the development of iCow by innovating and finding new ways to do things better. That's where my true passion lies. I desire to see the world become a better place. 

I consider myself an artist with a love for technology because of how it makes our lives easier and more efficient in our day today. I started experimenting and hacking away in 2006, when I got my first computer in high school - ever since then, my curiosity has led me to learn great techniques in many fields such as Graphic Design, Web development, software Engineering, online marketing and problem-solving with a wide variety of high-level languages and tools. In 2014, I pursued a Masters in Software engineering at the University of Tartu, and while there I helped redesign and deploy iCow 2.0.

I believe my strength lies in understanding a problem from an out of the box perspective and creatively coming up with the right ideas and solutions. My ambitious nature makes me find joy in reading and discovering new knowledge around business, finance, the word of God and biographies. I also find fulfillment in seeing my creations and experiments coming to life after trial and error, you will often catch me hacking away or building something new because I love creating.

I also love traveling, meeting new people, having new experiences, dancing, music production, Graphic design, creating interesting things, sharing knowledge and experimenting various life hacks to be more effective. I am always leveling up.

A farmer's best friend!

iCow is accessed by farmers all through their mobile phones or the internet.

The application came fist in the Apps4Africa competition because of its innovative approach revolutionizing the interaction with small-scale farmers.

What we can do for you

  • Awareness of the cow estrus cycle
  • Access to Vets and AI Agents
  • Optimum animal nutrition
  • Milk record keeping
  • Costs of milk production
  • Prevention milk related diseases
  • Optimum Heifer and Calf care
  • Calf illnesses and diseases​

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