Milk increase of over 100%!!

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"The greatest and only justification for what we do is in the success stories of iCow farmers"

This morning we spoke to Farmer Thuo who started using iCow on June 9th 2011 during the launch of our prototype at the Brookside Breeders Show in Nairobi. He has thus been on the platform for 2 yrs 8 months. His story is amazing! His only livestock are his 4 cows and 4 calves. Since joining iCow and implementing his new knowledge he says he looks at farming more serioiusly than before and has seen big changes in his yields as well as his animal health. One cow now produces 31 lts of milk compared to before when she produced only 15 lts at maximum production. Wow wow wow!!!

His passion in farming has grown he says due to iCow. (blush blush)  He has learned many things including fodder production, hygiene and loads about diseases helping him manage the challenges of feed shortage and mastitis he faced in the past. He is also keeping close records on his farming activities now and sells his milk to brokers in the area and receives KES 45.00 per litre. 


In the future Farmer Thuo intends on ear tagging his cows and taking up pig farming and looks forward to when we will include pig content on the iCow platform. When commenting on the health of his animals before and after using iCow he said "There is no comparison, today they are much healthier!"


We are humbled and ecstatic!


High Five moment in the iCow office!


In the pic.....Mike (Tech), Beth (Customer Care) Su (Dreamer) Eve (Content)...Mr Thuo has promised to provide us with photos which we will upload asap.



A farmer's best friend!

iCow is accessed by farmers all through their mobile phones or the internet.

The application came fist in the Apps4Africa competition because of its innovative approach revolutionizing the interaction with small-scale farmers.

What we can do for you

  • Awareness of the cow estrus cycle
  • Access to Vets and AI Agents
  • Optimum animal nutrition
  • Milk record keeping
  • Costs of milk production
  • Prevention milk related diseases
  • Optimum Heifer and Calf care
  • Calf illnesses and diseases​

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