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Smart Tools *285#

iCow is packed with smart tools that help farmers manage their everyday risks. These include tools that help a farmer understand his soil type, identify his problems on his crops and even select the correct seed for his geographical zone. In helping the farmer de-risk, he/she is able to move from crisis managing to becoming more productive and sustainable. 


Farmer Library

Kenya: Dial *285# (Safaricom only)

We believe it is vitaly important that farmers can access information and knowledge on all farm activities 24/7. Seeing as the majority of smallholder farmers on iCow rely on simple feature phones the iCow Farmer Library was built to suit this purpose. It is designed so that farmers can search and find verified valuable agricultural content easily, quickly and cost effectively. In essence it is an offline agricultural wiki enabling farmers that are not connected to the 'www' access vital content.

An SMS solution to level the playing field for farmers in rural areas!

Kalenda *285#

iCow hosts a variety of Kalendas that act as reminders for farmers to take action in a specifc areas of their production. For livestock, there are gestation as well as growth Kalendas. The Kalendas help the farmer reduce his risks as they remind him to keep on top of important requirements like vaccinations, artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnostics, brooder temperatures and much more.

Mashauri (Advice)

Mashauri is a product designed for farmers and  wannabee  farmers and slowly builds on the  users  acumen of subject choice. On registering to a Mashauri , a user will begin to receive 3 content rich SMS a week. We currently have Mashauri’s on Cows, Free range poultry, Broiler poultry, Layer poultry and Various Topics. Expansion plans include increased livestock species,  crops  and soils.

A farmer's best friend!

iCow is accessed by farmers all through their mobile phones or the internet.

The application came fist in the Apps4Africa competition because of its innovative approach revolutionizing the interaction with small-scale farmers.

What we can do for you

  • Awareness of the cow estrus cycle
  • Access to Vets and AI Agents
  • Optimum animal nutrition
  • Milk record keeping
  • Costs of milk production
  • Prevention milk related diseases
  • Optimum Heifer and Calf care
  • Calf illnesses and diseases​

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