Sammy Mutuku

I am Sammy Mutuku,from Makueni County.I joined the ICow Boda Soil Advocacy program in June 2021.I am a student from BSAP 1.

I came to know about this program through the SMS service of ICow (20285) as they help me in keeping daily cows milk records.

So far I’ve come to understand more about the soils,soil science,soil biology,soil microbes,fungi,bacteria,food systems,soil food web,soil integrity testing,regenerative organic agriculture as a solution to mitigating climate change and of course composting.

I’ve been able to reach out to small scale farmers in my community approximately 100 with the most gains being ceasement of using synthetic fertilizers. I’m hoping with time in the future,I will be able to reach out to more farmers by showing them the integrity of their soils and improving the soils through composting and use of perennial cover crops..

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