Find your closest iCow Soil Advocate

Are you looking for someone skilled in soil health? Someone who knows about the soil microbiome and how to improve soil health through building back a resilient soil microbiome? Someone who knows how to identify soil with poor structure and integrity. Someone who can describe the soil food web to you and help you understand living soils? Someone who can teach you to make great compost and advise you on regenerative agricultural practices that will not only heal your land but also result in safe, healthy, nutritions and abundant crops? If so, look no further. This page lists the growing number of passionate iCow Soil Advocates across Kenya that have completed the iCow Soil Advocacy Course. Our iCow Soil Advocates are part of a growing community of practitioners that believe in building a better future for all through deep knowledge of the intricate systems that power life on our planet, starting with the soil microbiology.
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