Rachel and her Cows

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A couple of weeks ago we received an email from a farmer thanking us for our service and mentioning she had increased her total milk turnover to 45 lts from 25lt and was working on reaching a total yield of 100lt daily by 2015.

So we called her.

Rachel is the proud owner of 5 Friesians. These include 3 heifers, one first calver, and two older cows. She lives in Nyahururu Kenya and has recently retired from her work and is now concentrating on farming. She joined iCow on 15th June 2011. Thus she has been on the iCow platform almost since the day we started! (June 3rd 2011)


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Milk increase of over 100%!!

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"The greatest and only justification for what we do is in the success stories of iCow farmers"

This morning we spoke to Farmer Thuo who started using iCow on June 9th 2011 during the launch of our prototype at the Brookside Breeders Show in Nairobi. He has thus been on the platform for 2 yrs 8 months. His story is amazing! His only livestock are his 4 cows and 4 calves. Since joining iCow and implementing his new knowledge he says he looks at farming more serioiusly than before and has seen big changes in his yields as well as his animal health. One cow now produces 31 lts of milk compared to before when she produced only 15 lts at maximum production. Wow wow wow!!!

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Farmer Testimonials Jan 27-28 2014

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iCow Testimonials Jan 27th and 28th 2014

Anthony is from Kisii He couldn't remember where he heard about iCow but he registered because he wanted to learn more about best practices of rearing a cow. He has 2 cows and he registered on Mashauri Cow. He said that he hasn't started implementing iCow teachings and that the only challenge he faces is low milk yields. I advised him to be practicing what he learns from iCow and he will start seeing the difference. I also gave him the examples of what iCow farmers who implement the prompts some of the benefits they have seen and he said that he will start implementing. He didn't know Kalenda but he was interested and said that he will register his cows.

Onkoba is from Kisii He heard about iCow on Egesa Fm and registered because he has a cow and he needed information to help him improve his farming methods. He has 1 cow. He has learnt how to feed his cow, harvesting napier, and about disease prevention. He said that he is able to implement 2 prompts every week and that his cow looks good and has increased milk production. Before she used to produce 3Ltrs and now she is producing 5Ltrs. He said that he has reduced disease because he sprays his cow regularly hence reducing ticks. The major challenges he faces are lack of finance and ECF disease. I told him about the ECF vaccine and I told him that I am going to send him the contacts of ECF distributors and he can talk to them. He knew about Kalenda and he said that he will think about it registering.

Eliud is from Nandi He heard about iCow through Safaricom SMS and registered on Mashauri Cow and Mashauri Kienyeji because he is a farmer. He has learnt about management of cows and chickens and now knows how to make his own concentrates hence reducing cost. He implements all of the information that he receives. His 4 cows have increased milk production from 10Litres to 15 litres. He has 5 Kienyeji chickens. The challenges that he faces are diseases e.g. ECF and Foot and mouth and also lack of feeds. He would like to get info on growing of crops like maize. He had received an SMS about Kalenda but he hadn't understood it. I explained to him and he said that he will try to register his cows. I told him about ECF Vaccine and he requested me to send him the contacts of the ECF distributors.

John Elgeyo Marakwet heard about iCow on Kass Fm and registered on Mashauri Cow because he has a passion for dairy farming. He has 3 cows. He has learnt how to harvest his napier because before he joined iCow he used to wait for napier to overgrow and he has also learnt how to prevent mastitis. His cows look healthy and he implements 2 prompts every week. The challenges he faces are feed shortages, high feed prices and of low feed quality. He knew about Kalenda.

 Langat is from Bomet He heard about iCow on a Television but he can't remember which station. He registered on Mashauri cow because he is a dairy farmer. He has learnt about different nutrients that his cows are supposed to get, how to store feeds, disease prevention e.g. bloat and also housing hygiene. He implements all of the prompts. He has 5 cows and he has increased his milk yield from 7ltrs to 10 ltrs. He would like information about high yielding cows, milk markets and also he would like to be connected directly with the feed manufacturers. He didn't know about Kalenda but I told him.


 Jan 28th 2014

Bernard is from Kericho. He learnt about iCow through Safaricom SMS and registered on Mashauri Cow because he wanted to learn. He has 4 cows and he milks 3 cows. He said that his cows have increased milk production because they used to produce 3Ltrs each but now they have increase 1 litre each. He said that he has learnt so many things. He also has 4 Kienyeji chickens. The only challenge he encounters is milk fever disease but he is now ensuring hygiene is observed by those who are milking his cows. He knew about Kalenda. He said that he only needs info on cows.

Wanjohi from Nyeri learnt about iCow through Safaricom SMS and registered on Mashauri cow because he needed info on cows. He manages to implement 1 or 2 prompts per week and he has been learnt about diseases, growing fodder trees for his cows and also spaying his cows in order to control tick diseases. He said he is doing things differently because he sprays his cows more often and also de-worms them every 3 months. He has 2 cows but only 1 is being milked and she has increased milk yield by 1 litre. She used to produce 6 Ltrs is now producing 7 litres per day. He has 10 Kienyeji chickens. He had faced a challenge of lacking knowledge in farming but he is now seeing a difference. He would also like info about Kienyeji chickens and I told him on how to subscribe to Kienyeji Mashauri. I also told him about Kalenda.

Nicholas of Kericho came to know iCow through Safaricom SMS and joined Mashauri Cow because he is a dairy farmer. He has 1 cow and he has learnt about feeding his cow with different nutrients, Disease prevention e.g. mastitis and also vaccinations. He is doing things differently because before he joined iCow his cow could stay a month without being sprayed but now he sprays every Saturday. He also used to vaccinate his cow when the Govt made notices but now he doesn't wait for that. He said that iCow has helped him because his cow took 9 months without going on heat but when he started feeding her well she took 2 months and she was served. He is satisfied with cow information. The major problem is distant vets and I told him on how to be finding his nearest vet using iCow.

Phillip from Uasin Gishu learnt about iCow through Kass Fm and subscribed because he wanted to gain more knowledge on rearing of Kienyeji chickens. He has 4 cows and 20 Kienyeji chickens. He has learnt about Diseases e.g. New castle and also how to handle eggs for brooding. He is okay with the Kienyeji chicken info. The only challenge he faces is New castle disease. He said that before he wasn't doing vaccinations but he is now trying to vaccinate. He knew about Kalenda.

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iCow Farmer Testimonials

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Jan 19th 2014

As part quality assurance and part curiosity and passion, we are implementing a new system in Customer Care where we call 5-10 farmers every day. We are curious to know the following:

 1.Are our farmers satisfied with our service

2.Are they implementing the teachings

3.What impact has iCow had on each farmer as well as his livestock

4.What suggestions do farmers have for improvement or new products

5.How they learnt about iCow

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