What is iCow?

iCow is an integrated ecosystem of services and tools.

We leverage Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) and partnerships to improve smallholder farmer prosperity by optimizing production systems using regenerative practices.

Regenerative Agriculture engages Small Holder Farmers to contribute towards stabilizing our planet.

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iCow Innovations

We are farmers building for farmers.


The iCow broadcasting services send SMS messages to registered iCow farmers on a daily, weekly, or alert basis. This approach ensures that farmers get information consistently. This innovative system allows the iCow content team to create products as well as schedule how farmers receive their content e.g. Rearing Cows or Rearing Kienyeji chicken services which enable registered farmers receive 5 SMS everyday per service

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The iCow Notification Calendar service sends schedule-based reminders and tips by SMS to registered users. These reminders are uniquely triggered by incidents and dates provided by the users. A case example is the Gestation calendar that sends unique livestock notifications to farmers that have registered their cowsinsemination date on the platform. Other iCow calendar products include Deworming, Vaccination, Bio-Diversity Tracker, Kienyeji Chicken, Broiler and Layer Calendars, Compost, and Maize Calendars.

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Farmer Library

The iCow Content library allows all iCow farmers access to topical content via USSD or via keyword-based searches. For example, a farmer simply SMSs the word BLOAT to 20285 and receives 10 tips on cattle bloat. Our library consists of over 30,000 SMS categories across all practices of smallholder production systems, including livestock, crops, soils, insects, climate change, farmers health, trees, and more.

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Innovating with Partners

Working with partners and global meta data systems, we ensure smallholder farmers in rural locations have access to the best production advice, genetics, and genomics the world can offer.
Consenting farmers provide their on-farm production records directly through their phones (mostly low-end feature phones) to the iCow Livestock manager service and Maize Calendar Service .
These records include milk yields, body condition score, weight, breeding dates of insemination and calving, and in the case of maize, planting dates, maturity, and location of planting.
iCow and partner system like the International Livestock Research Institution (ILRI) Africa Dairy Genetic Gains Program, (ADGG), CABI PRISE Data Cube,  then analyse the farm data. Where relevant, it provides actionable feedback to the farmer in the form of SMS’s or notifications.


The iCow Marketplace (called iCow Soko) provides a one-stop-countrywide-shop for farmers to trade, as well as interact, with each other. Farmers can buy and sell livestock, crops, animals feeds, breeds, trees, lands and more on the site.

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Experts Location Search

The iCow Experts location-based search service allows iCow farmers to find a wide range of experts within their area, including veterinary officers, artificial inseminators, forestry experts, soil advocates, and national research centers.



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